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Heddal stave church

This is one of the most interesting churches one might see in Europe. It is a stave church in Heddal, a village located in the south of Norway, an impressive triple nave church and Norway’s largest stave church. The legend says it was built in only three days by a mountain troll named Finn following the initiative of five local farmers, Raud Rygi, Stebbe Straand, Kjeik Sem, Grut Grene and Vrang Stivi, who made the plans for building a church in their village. The help from the troll was priceless as he finished the work in only three days in exchange of a simple condition, the local farmers had to guess the name of the troll before the church was finished, problem solved by Raud Rygi who heard a song about the troll during a climb on a rocky hill southeast of the church site.

The pro-bono work was not singular, the troll being also responsible for the erection of the churches in three other Norwegian villages during the 13th century.