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Palacio de Cibeles

Today it known by the name Palacio de Cibeles in Spanish or Cybele Palace in English. But it was named Palacio de Comunicaciones (Palace of Communication) until 2011. No matter how you’ll find it on a Madrid tourist map, this is one of the finest pieces of architectural art in Madrid, a monument of the city, declared Bien de de InterĂ©s Cultural in 1993, a protected building. It once hosted the headquarters of the postal service in Madrid, then became the Postal and Telegraphic Museum. Finally, starting 2007, the building became the Madrid City Hall.

The building of the palace started in 1907, with official inauguration on March 14, 1919, with some controversy at the time the first stone was laid because it took the place of a playground and people living in this area initially denied the idea of building such a palace in their neighborhood. It was the final decision of the King Felipe II to transform not only this area but entire Madrid into an administrative and political center of the Spanish nation with major urban planning and redesign affecting large portions of the growing city.

Photo: Carlos Delgado, License CC-BY-SA 4.0