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Turf houses in Iceland

When you plan your holiday in Iceland, don’t schedule all your time spending it in Reykjavik and its surrounding area and seeing geysers. Go a step further, ask your guide to drive you to Búðahraun region, you’ll be surprised. You’ll find a cave there, Búdir Cave, 382 meters in length and you can visit it if you have some light sources to illuminate the way, you’ll go to the top of the Búdir mountain and see its crater, it’s an extinct volcano. Depending on the season you might see plants and flowers you can’t see them in other places for they’re endemic to Iceland. And most of it, you will discover these special houses built into the ground, with earth pilled up against exterior walls and sloping down away from the houses. They’re incredible, don’t you think? They don’t really have a problem with moisture, comparing with houses built underground, and some houses like this one feature windows if you can believe it. You got to see them and convince yourself people really lived in such houses.
Photo: Diego Delso, Wikimedia Commons, License CC-BY-SA 4.0